20 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes

We love to be taken away from our boring and completely normal lives by watching science fiction movies. Luckily movie bloopers are always there to bring us back down from fiction-landia and remind us that the people we’re looking at are in the same boat as us. Still, spotting these movie mistakes can be just as fun as watching the movie. There’s something about finding mistakes in multi-million dollar movie projects that just makes us happy.

If you’re a true sci-fi fan, you’ve probably seen or heard of these 20 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes already. Let’s see how much of a true fanatic you are.

1.Star Wars: A New Hope


Any Star Wars fan will have probably seen this one already. In the “New Hope” during the scene where the stormtroopers enter the control room, the one on the right side bumps his head on the upper frame of the door. He ignores it and just keeps walking on just like a real pro though.


2.  The Matrix


If you look closely at the shades the Mr. Smith is wearing during the scene where the agents interrogate Neo, you’ll see his reflection. But, the reflection shows Neo sitting down when the scene is supposed to have him standing on a corner.


3. The Terminator


In the “Terminator” movie, during the scene where our cyborg crashes the stolen cop car you’ll notice that the first shot has a car with letterings on the door that reads “to care and protect.” A couple of scenes later, after the car crashes to be exact, you’ll notice that the letterings now read “Dedicated to serve.”


4. Independence Day


In this movie blooper the mistake is a bit too obvious. When David opens the fridge up to get some ice, the fridge is stocked with food but when Connie does it a couple of seconds later it’s empty.


5. Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi


In Jaba’s palace during the part where our two lovable droids are being shown around the place and assigned their duties, there’s another droid that’s being branded. If you look closely though you’ll see that the steam never really comes that close to the droids feet and it’s obvious that they’re coming from beneath the floor.


6. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


In terminator 3 when the terminator connects to a computer through a phone (the scene where she stole a car), you’ll notice that the phone doesn’t actually have any reception. So unless she used some unknown technology, that phone shouldn’t have been able to connect to anything.


7. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan


In the wrath of Khan, the set crew seems to have taken out one of the mirrors too early. If you look at the picture above, the first scene catches the mirror while the shot of the same scene from a different angle doesn’t show it. It should still be there and the angle of the new shot shouldn’t take it out of the picture.


8.Star Trek 1966 – Journey to Babel

star-trek_floor Markers

Looks like the producer forgot to have the floor markers removed in this one. They should probably have used a thicker table. One that would cover up the floor at the other side.


9.  Stargate Atlantis: Season 3, Sunday


At around 15 minutes into the 17th episode of the third season of Stargate, you’ll see a snickers wrapper (wonder who left it there) at the control terminal of Carrick’s shuttle.


10. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith


In these two scenes you’ll notice that R2’s shadow doesn’t show up in the first but comes out during a close up. They probably did separate takes and used an angled overhead light during the second shot that made the shadow appear. This scene is the one where R2 is hiding in a corner while he and Obi-wan are on Grievous’ ship.


11. Stargate SG-1 – Shades of Grey


Before Dr. Frasier leaves earth forever the general orders his men to give him a salute. if you look closely at the third soldier, the one that’s right behind the doctors shoulder you’ll see that she’s doing a British salute. Her palms are open and her hand is facing outward. This is supposed to be a US military group.


12. X-Men 2


In this scene you’ll notice that some of the scattered papers form the first scene will “magically” disappear. The president is sitting on his desk with a couple of files scattered on top of his table when the X-men come in. When he’s given a  blue folder and a close up shot is done, you’ll notice that the table is clean with nothing but the blue folder on it.


13. Back to the Future


If you look closely at the letter that Marty wrote in the “past” you’ll notice that the last line only has one word. It’s only “disaster” that’s written on it, but the supposedly aged version of the letter has “terrible disaster” on the last line. The hand writing is also a bit different if you look closely.


14. Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back


In this blooper, Leia’s wardrobe when she is captured is different from the one she’s wearing when she gets to Cloud city.


15. Independence Day


In one of the shots that show the big space ship hovering over the Whitehouse, you’ll see people lazily going about their day and not even noticing the ship. This is a real shot of the Whitehouse and the ship was just edited into it which is why people don’t really focus on it.


16. The Matrix Reloaded


Agent Smith’s shades strike again. In the corridor scene where Neo and Morpheus are with the keymaker, Smith’s glasses reflect a blank corridor when the scene is supposed to have the three protagonists in front of him.


16. Back to the Future Part III


A slight car accessory mistake, the Toyota of Marty isn’t supposed to have a headrest when he drives out with it. But when he goes to pick up Jennifer you’ll notice that there’s already one installed.


17. Firefly


In this scene you’ll notice that the pilot has his arms extended as if holding something. He isn’t really grabbing anything and a closer look will show that there are no controls there. But a few seconds later the controls will just magically appear in front of him.


18. Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith


This mistake was easy to spot because of the floor lines. If you look at the full body shot, you’ll notice that Padme is inside a big rectangular tile on the floor. Then a close up shot shows her to be at the corner of the tile (look at the lines) when in the first shot she was supposed to be near the middle.


19. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Unification Pt. 2


After their escape from a Romulan commander, you’ll notice a green ornament in the scene where Data, Spock and Picard walk into a room. If you pause or slow down the scene you’ll also see a reflection of a crew member on the glass ornament.


20. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


In this one you need to look closely at the seat belt holder. In the first scene the seat belt is missing from the holder but when they move on the the next couple of scenes the belt just appears out of nowhere.


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3 Responses to 20 Sci-Fi Movie Mistakes

  1. Joan says:

    In “Commando” when Arnold wrecks the yellow Porsch the drivers side is all bent up. When he pushes the car onto its wheels & drives away, the drivers side is flawless.

  2. Rebecca N. says:

    On number 11 it’s Col. Jack O’Neill that’s leaving through the stargate. Dr. Frazier is the woman giving the British-style salute.

  3. YODA says:

    you missed one in star wars episode 2: for a second in the battle of geonosis it shows ki-adi-mundi welding a green lightsaber instead of blue

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